Front Desk Workers Training Program

The Problem

Every year we have between 2-10 new front desk workers to train on front desk procedures. When I arrived the students were trained in an inconsistent manner that allowed for error in passing along information and in advising office processes. Training methods needed to be consistent and updated every year. 

  • Multimedia Principles (Mayer)
  • Learning Objectives (Mager)
Learning Methodology

The Solution

As an intro to the position I developed a Prezi that introduces new front desk workers to the Onenote manual that I developed to serve as their training platform. The Prezi also outlines pertinent information that they will need to know in their positions. We needed a system that would allow multiple people to be in a document at the same time, as not only does the manual serve as training material but it also serves as a reference tool. MS Onenote is a collaboration software and is the only collaboration software that we could utilize because of the Purdue data involved.
The training system was developed to be simple to maneuver and arranged in a book style. Extensive training was not necessary, we only needed a job aid to explain the structure of the system. I followed the MM principles outlined by Mayer (2014) and based the job aid on my selection. The Onenote training and job aid was designed on a collaborative technology that the students would be able to pick up quickly.

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