Faculty Curriculog Training Portal

The Problem

The University moved from a paper form based curriculum system to an electronic approval curriculum system called Curriculog. The primary keepers of the paper Plans of Study lived in the Academic Advising Office. Once Curriculog was rolled out and maintained for a couple of years, we evaluated the process and decided that the faculty needed to be updating thier own courses within the electronic system – as they were the ones that set the restrictions, pre-requisites etc. Advising would own the Plans of Study but the courses themselves would be maintained by the faculty. Which meant we needed a way to train faculty in how to use Curriculog, as well as timelines for them follow and job aids. My position led the way in figuring out the best way to roll out the project for faculty, with the least infringement on their time.

– Curriculog Timeline Schedule
–  Training videos for creating, revising,
    expiring courses
– Approval workflows for courses and
   plans of study
– Qualtrics Survey to collect information
   for new/limited term faculty to create,
   revise, or expire courses
–  Access to Registrar Training for

Items Created for Portal

The Solution

This was a collaboration between Advising, the Registrar, Faculty, IT and Administration. The Registrar had developed a site that housed training materials on Curriculog, but the information was an overview and not Krannert Specific. They also offered individual training, but faculty regularly were too busy for training sessions and in order to set up one on one training for a large number of faculty – I decided that a set of short, college specific training videos that could be accessed at the moment they needed them would be a better fit for the faculty. Once that was decided I collaborated with all areas and developed several items that could be accessed in the Portal if needed. Micro-learning is more efficient for busy staff and research shows that learners learn best when they can access information at the moment they need it. 

Curriculog Training Module

This video is a module that was built in Articulate Storyline for introducing faculty to entering curriculum proposals in Curriculog. Assessment is built throughout.

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