Business Portfolio

Some of these are projects that were to obtain my MSED: Learnind Design & Technology and some are projects from various positions I have held.  

Faculty Curriculog Portal

Our faculty needed a resource that could teach them to switch from a paper based curriculum management system to an electronic curriculum management system.  I worked in collaboration with administration and the IT department to initiate a teaching resource portal within the college’s intranet.

C.O.R.E Team Module

The C.O.R.E. project was to create an in-depth series of modules that were aimed at either building or rebuilding a team. Businesses seem to be under the assumption that technology itself will help build the efficiency and productivity levels of their teams. I have almost 30 years of business experience and can tell you that it is not true. Many times introducing new technology will reduce efficiency and productivity and if training is not conducted right, can break the team.

Word of Life Biblical Counseling Video Evaluation

For this project I used Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation to conduct an analysis of at least a two module online course of the Word of Life Counseling Training Institute online video series modules for Biblical counselors. Biblical counselors must demonstrate specialized skills and information to be able to counsel individuals. This design document was set up to provide the instructional description, an overview of the instructional content,  as well as the audience and context and provided examples of Level 1 – Reaction and Level 2 – Learning evaluations.

Front Desk Workers Training

Every year we have at least 1-2 new front desk workers to train on front desk procedures. As an intro to the position I developed a Prezi that introduces new front desk workers to the Onenote manual that I developed to serve as their training platform. 

Events & Planning

I have experience in setting up events from 5-250 attendees. Complete with marketing material, sign-ups, event set-up, catering, IT set-up etc. Everything that is needed for a successful conference, training workshop, luncheon, children’s party, wedding reception, whatever you need.

Business Layout Design/Projects

This is a montage of projects – is there something in your business that needs a re-design.

  • Fliers
  • Business Cards
  • Websites
  • Adobe Fillable Forms
  • Qualtrics Surveys
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Quickbooks
  • Infographics


Data Analytics Visuals

Reports that visualize your data.

Academic Advisor Statistics Flier

Student Flier Before Re-design

Student Flier

Student Flier After Design


Krannert Catalog Before Design

Led the re-design of the Krannert Purdue Catalog Homepage. 

Krannert Catalog Homepage After Re-design

Plan of Study Before Re-design

Plan of Study After Re-Design

Freshmen Workshop Flier

Student email image for marketing communication to students. 

Technology Infographic

Created for an easy reference tool for new Staff Members.

LLA Engagement Track

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